Addition and Subtraction-5

Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Worksheet for Grade 3 and Grade 4.

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Addition and Subtraction Word Problems for Grade 3 and Grade 4

In this worksheet students can do variety of exercises and challenges, students will have the chance to explore different strategies for adding and subtracting numbers. Whether it’s solving simple equations or tackling more complex problems, this worksheet aims to engage students in meaningful mathematical learning experiences.

Ans 1. There were 997 passengers in the train when it left station-A.
Ans2. a) Oranges was more in number in the end.
b) There were 62 more oranges in the end.
Ans3. a) Shruti’s monthly income was $2350.
b) She saved $1363 each month.
Ans4. He delivered 3313 books to the School Library.
Ans5. a) There were 1892 women at the concert.
b) There were 90 boys at the concert.
c) There were 664 girls at the concert.
d) There were 2169 males at the concert.
e) There were 2556 females at the concert.

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