Fractions Worksheet-9

Fractions word problems. Check answers in the description.

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Fractions Worksheet

Adding and Subtracting fractions word problems.


a) Mrs Davis gave away 3/5 kg of the rice in all.
b) Mrs Davis had 1/5 kg of the rice left.

Q2. The mass of Bag B is 5/24 kg and Bag B is 1/12 kg heavier than Bag A.

Q3. Mrs Clark left with 1/3 of her money.

a) 2/5 of the wall is painted.
b) 3/5 of the wall is not painted.

a) 7/10 of the pole is painted.
b) 3/10 of the pole is not painted.

a) James spent 5/12 of his money.
b) 7/12 of his money was not spent.

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