Fill in the blanks with the type of adjective.

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Adjectives worksheet with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the type of adjective mentioned in the brackets.

1. The food was very delicious.
2. The students brought their textbooks to class.
3. That movie received rave reviews from critics.
4. Each cookie in the jar was chocolate chip.
5. We saw several birds flying in the sky.
6. Her paintings display remarkable talent and creativity.
7. Her dog is very friendly with visitors.
8. Which dress did you wear to the party?
9. There are plenty of flowers blooming in the garden.
10. What book are you reading these days?
11. The weather was incredibly beautiful during our vacation.
12. There were twenty balloons at the birthday party.
13. The children brought their their toys to the playground.
14. That movie won the Best Picture award at the Oscars.
15. Each student received a gold star for their excellent work.

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