Describing Words Worksheet

Describing Words / Adjectives worksheet with Answers. Check the Answers in the Description.

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Describing Words Worksheet

  • Read the passage, underline the adjectives, and list them down in the boxes.
  • Circle the describing words in the sentences below.
  • Fill in the blanks with the correct describing words.


A. adjectives from the paragraph:

1. Sunny
2. Little
3. Red
4. New
5. Playful
6. Tired
7. Soft
8. Round
9. Sleepy
10. Snoring

B. adjectives from each sentence:

1. White
2. Cool
3. Colourful
4. Fluffy
5. Tiny
6. New
7. Giant, massive
8. Golden
9. Young
10. White

C. completed sentences:

1. Mother has baked a delicious cake for me.
2. The driver is driving the bus very fast.
3. The tailor is stitching new clothes.
4. My grandparent’s house is very beautiful.
5. John likes his new car.
6. There is a white swan in the lake.
7. The naughty monkey snatched the cap.

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