Articles a an worksheet – 2

a an worksheet | Fill in the blanks using A or An.

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Articles a an worksheet

  • Begin the following words with either “a” or “an”.
  • Fill in the blanks using “a” or “an”.


1) An apple.
2) A bat.
3) A candle.
4) A dog.
5) An elephant.
6) A fan
7) An ice cream.
8) An orange
9) An umbrella.
10) A unicorn.

1) A red and black ladybug.
2) A book and a pen.
3) An eye and an ear.
4) A boy and a girl.
5) A table and a chair.
6) A tall tree and a small bush.
7) An orange and an apple.
8) An honest person and a dishonest person.
9) An umbrella and a raincoat.
10) An interesting movie and a boring documentary.

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