Reading Comprehension – Jasmine’s Pet Cat Raven

Read the comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions.

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Reading Comprehension for Grade 2

This worksheet is designed to help students practice their comprehension skills by reading short passages and answering related questions.

1. Jasmine’s cat is named Raven.
2. Jasmine calls her cat Raven because it has black fur all over its body.
3. Jasmine feeds Raven rice and fish every day.
4. When Jasmine throws a ball, Raven likes to chase after it and push it around with its paws.
5. Raven likes to rest on top of the piano.
6. Every Saturday, Jasmine gives Raven a bath.
7. Jasmine uses a towel to dry Raven’s body after its bath.
8. Jasmine ties a collar around Raven’s neck after its bath.

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