Reading Comprehension – Timmy’s First Day at School

Read the comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions.

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Reading Comprehension for Grade 3

This worksheet is designed to help students practice their comprehension skills by reading short passages and answering related questions.

1. Timmy was excited because it was his first day at school.
2. Timmy’s mom packed a sandwich, an apple, and a cookie in his lunchbox.
3. Mrs. Smith, his teacher, greeted Timmy when he arrived at school.
4. During recess, Timmy and his friends played tag on the playground.
5. Mrs. Smith read a story about a brave little dog to the class.
6. Timmy’s favorite part of the afternoon was making a craft project using colorful paper and glue.
7. Timmy shared his cookie with his new friend, Sam.
8. Timmy felt happy and tired at the end of the school day.

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