Comprehension – Lunch Box

Read the passage in the worksheet and respond to the questions.

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Reading Comprehension

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Sample Answers:

Ans 1. Daisy’s lunch box initially had brown stains on it, and there was a small scratch starting to show, making it appear worn and less attractive compared to her friend Emily’s new lunch box, which had black and white stripes and pink ribbons.

Ans 2. Daisy couldn’t buy a new lunch box with the money in her piggy bank because she only had three dollars, and a new lunch box cost about ten dollars. This amount was not enough to cover the cost of the lunch box she desired, making it financially unfeasible for her to purchase one outright.

Ans 3. Daisy began to receive smiley face stickers from her teacher, Mrs. Robinson, for her academic achievements. Instead of placing these stickers on her papers, she affixed them to her lunch box. Over time, her lunch box had been transformed into a colorful and cheerful display of smiley faces, and Daisy took great pride in it.

Ans 4. Yes, Daisy can be considered a good pupil, She demonstrated qualities of a diligent and motivated student by performing well on her quizzes and earning smiley face stickers from her teacher. Using these stickers creatively to decorate her lunch box, showing her ability to think outside the box. This behavior reflects her commitment to her studies and her desire to excel academically, which are traits often associated with being a good pupil.

Ans 5. (a) forever
(b) forever

Ans 6. (a) pretty
(b) happy

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