Reading Comprehension – Lighthouse

Read the comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions.

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Grade 4 Comprehension Worksheet

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1. The incident occurred in the seventeenth century on an island near the European city of Toulon.
2. When her husband fell ill, the wife took it upon herself to light the lamp to guide incoming ships, understanding the importance of her duty.
3. The purpose of building a lighthouse is to provide a guiding light for ships to navigate safely, especially during hazardous conditions or at night.
4. Throughout the night, the children rotated the lamp to ensure ships were guided safely, as failure to do so could result in collisions and sinkings.
5. When they returned home, the children found out that their father had passed away.
6. In the end, the wife was satisfied with fulfilling her duty and guiding ships safely, along with her children, as a true tribute to her husband.

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