Reading Comprehension – Magic Pot of Gold

Comprehension for Grade 3 with questions and answers.

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Reading Comprehension for Grade 3

Read the comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions.

Sample Answers:
Ans-1. The two brothers lived in China.
Ans-2. They grew vegetables on their farm.
Ans-3. The metal pot was filled with shining gold coins.
Ans-4. The old man said, “This is a magic pot of gold. Use it wisely.”
Ans-5. Chen used the gold coins to buy beautiful clothes, food, and a big mansion for himself.
Ans-6. When Chen gave away the last gold coin to a poor beggar, something magical happened. The empty pot was filled to the brim with gold coins again.
Ans-7. The two brothers learned that it was better to donate money to the poor than to use it only for themselves.

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