Reading Comprehension – Save Water

Read the comprehension and answer the questions. Check the sample answers in the description below.

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Reading Comprehension for Grade 4

Carefully read the comprehension passage and answer the questions thoughtfully. This passage will help students of Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 in enhancing their reading comprehension abilities.

Sample Answers:
1. One of the uses of water is to drink and stay alive.
2. Charles uses water carefully.
3. He uses only a cup of water to gargle after brushing his teeth.
4. Charles saves water when bathing by turning the tap off when putting soap on his body and only turning it on when he needs water to wash himself.
5. He saves water by collecting a little water in a basin to wash vegetables. He also leaves pails on the balcony to collect rainwater, which he uses to water plants or wash the bathroom.
6. a) intelligent, clever
b) feasible, achievable
c) cautious, prudent
d) conserve, preserve

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