Reading Comprehension – Turtles

Read the comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions.

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Reading Comprehension for Grade 2

This worksheet will help students practice their comprehension skills by reading short passages and answering questions related to the text.

1. The turtles lived in a pond.
2. Some kids, including Louis and Alex, came to play by the pond.
3. Louis was a child who liked to have fun but sometimes in the wrong way.
4. The turtles got hurt when Louis started throwing stones at them.
5. Alex explained to Louis that hurting animals is not good; it’s like being mean to our friends.
6. Kids follow Alex because he showed them how to be good friends to the turtles and other creatures by spending time learning about them and how to take care of them.
7. a) children
b) tortoises
8. a) bad
b) to save
c) a little
d) foolish

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