Reading Comprehension – Lessons from the Storm

Read the comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions.

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Reading Comprehension for Grade 3

Comprehension will help you become a more effective reader by enhancing your understanding and retention of written information.

1. Both gardeners cultivated various fruit-bearing plants in their gardens.
2. B) One pruned excessively, while the other allowed natural growth.
3. The mindset of the stern-hearted neighbour was to meticulously care for his plants, fearing they might perish if not tended to properly.
4. The plants of the stern-hearted neighbour were uprooted and ruined during the severe storm.
5. d) Because they were unable to withstand the strong winds.
6. The plants of the other neighbour survived the severe storm because they had learned to manage themselves. They had taken root deep into the soil and established themselves firmly, standing strong even in the face of the storm.
7. The stern-hearted neighbour forgot to teach his plants to be self-sufficient and resilient during tough times.

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