Reading Comprehension – Swimming Pool

Read the comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions.

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Reading Comprehension

Carefully examine the comprehension passage and answer the questions thoughtfully. This passage is designed to assist students in Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 in enhancing their reading comprehension abilities.

Sample Answers:
1. Louie and Sofia visited Aunt Lucy last Saturday.
2. Aunt Lucy lives in a bungalow.
3. The children like to play in Aunt Lucy’s house because there is a lot of space to run around and even a swimming pool.
4. Aunt Lucy warned them not to play in the deep end of the pool.
5. Sofia learned the importance of listening to warnings and not trying to solve problems on her own when it’s dangerous.
6. a) bungalow: a house with its own compound
b) space: unfilled place for us
c) shallow: Not deep
d) impatient: Unable to wait for something or someone; restless.
e) rescue: save

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