Make Sentences Using the Phrase

Make the sentences using the phrase.

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Make Sentences Using the Phrase

Use the given phrase to create sentences in each of the following sentence types – Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory. Ensure proper punctuation and sentence structure.

Sample answers for the worksheet:

A mysterious treasure…
Affirmative: A mysterious treasure was discovered in the cave.
Negative: There isn’t a mysterious treasure hidden in the attic.
Interrogative: Is there a mysterious treasure buried in the backyard?
Exclamatory: What a mysterious treasure we found on the deserted island!

Clever dolphins…
Affirmative: Clever dolphins perform tricks at the marine park.
Negative: Clever dolphins don’t belong in captivity.
Interrogative: Do clever dolphins communicate with each other?
Exclamatory: How clever dolphins are, leaping through the waves!

In the enchanted forest…
Affirmative: In the enchanted forest, magical creatures live peacefully.
Negative: In the enchanted forest, danger doesn’t lurk around every tree.
Interrogative: What secrets does the enchanted forest hold?
Exclamatory: In the enchanted forest, wonders await at every turn!

An unexpected visitor…
Affirmative: An unexpected visitor brought joy to the family.
Negative: An unexpected visitor didn’t stay for long.
Interrogative: Who could be the unexpected visitor at this hour?
Exclamatory: What an unexpected visitor we have in our midst!

A magical potion…
Affirmative: A magical potion can heal wounds and cure ailments.
Negative: A magical potion should never be consumed without guidance.
Interrogative: How does one create a magical potion?
Exclamatory: A magical potion, the key to unlocking extraordinary powers!

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