Direct and Indirect Speech-5

Change interrogative sentences into indirect speech. Check the answers in the description.

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Direct and Indirect Speech

Please read each sentence and convert interrogative sentences into indirect speech. Through learning to transform sentences from direct to indirect speech, students will enhance their comprehension of reported speech while strengthening their grammar skills. Feel free to explore our Free Worksheets to reinforce the essential aspect of English language learning: Direct and Indirect Speech.


1. Sofia inquired of Harry about his experience at his new school.
2. The Home Minister wanted to know how the accident had occurred.
3. The stranger asked the man what the name of the Mayor was.
4. Thomas asked Sara if the work was over.
5. Mother asked her daughter if she was feeling better.
6. Alice wondered if Daisy was at home.
7. Sophie asked Jacob whether he had liked the movie.
8. Adam asked Toby if he was attending the Farewell Function.
9. The guard inquired of the passenger about their destination.
10. Michael wanted to know if the match had started.
11. I asked my cousin where she had been during those holidays.
12. My brother asked me if I wasn’t afraid of being punished on getting so poor grades.
13. The kind man asked me affectionately how he could help me.
14. Stanley asked Mr. Jenson if he was his new teacher.
15. Teacher asked the students if they wanted to give Science test that day or not.

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