Direct and Indirect Speech-3

Read sentence and change it into indirect speech. Check the answers in the description.

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Direct and Indirect Speech

Read sentence and change it into indirect speech. By learning to change sentences from direct to indirect speech, students will enhance their comprehension of reported speech while strengthening their grammar skills. Explore our Free Worksheets to reinforce Direct and Indirect Speech essential aspect of English language learning.

1. The teacher said that the earth rotates on its axis.
2. The boy said that the moon shines at night.
3. The philosopher said that honesty is the best policy.
4. The master said that David is very sincere in his work.
5. The Captain said that they would win the match.
6. She said that Daniel would arrive in the evening.
7. The old man said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
8. Edward said that all the boys are playing in the field.
9. The judge said that the culprit cannot be acquitted.
10. Dylan says that there is no sugar in the tea.
11. My father will say that clothes have become expensive.
12. The teacher says that Benjamin is lazy.
13. Zara said that Ethan swims regularly.
14. The Master said that Samuel is working hard.
15. Mother said that the baby is sleeping.

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