Direct and Indirect Speech-4

Change the sentences into indirect speech. Check the answers in the description.

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Direct and Indirect Speech

Reading the sentence and changing it into indirect speech enhances students’ comprehension of reported speech and strengthens their grammar skills. You can explore our Free Worksheets to reinforce the essential aspect of English language learning: Direct and Indirect Speech.


1. The manager suggested finding a solution to the problem.
2. Rosie proposed that the management suspend her.
3. I suggested taking a shortcut to the market.
4. He pleaded not to be punished.
5. The guard instructed the person to sign their name before leaving.
6. The nurse told the patient that they had to take their first dose right now.
7. She told James to wear his tie.
8. He told Molly to take her books from the table.
9. The teacher warned the students not to shout in the class.
10. The Mother advised the child to be careful while handling sharp objects.

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