Active Passive Voice Exercise-6

Active Passive Voice Exercises with answers.

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Passive Voice Exercises

Change the sentences so that the Verbs will be in the Passive voice.

1. I am kept waiting by him.
2. The cliff is being climbed by the boy.
3. The ocean cannot be pumped dry.
4. A doll was bought for the baby by me.
5. You and he were seen by us.
6. I was asked my name by them.
7. They were refused admission by us.
8. He was found guilty of murder.
9. Milk is often turned sour by a thunderstorm.
10. The storm was seen approaching by them.
11. The house was painted red by them.
12. I was told to leave the room by him.
13. I was promised a present by him.
14. The carriage shall be ordered by me.
15. You are being watched very carefully by me.
16. Many things may be accomplished by a little effort.
17. A cheque was handed to her.
18. By whom was French taught to you?
19. A ticket will be given to you by the manager.
20. He was refused admittance by the guard.

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