Active Passive Voice Exercise – 4

Active and Passive Voice Exercises with answers.

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Active Passive Voice Exercise

  • Identify the verb and state whether they are in active or passive voice.
  • Change the sentences from Active to Passive Voice.

a) Verb: made; Voice: Active
b) Verb: will teach; Voice: Active
c) Verb: shall be praised; Voice: Passive
d) Verb: has been eaten; Voice: Passive
e) Verb: were taking; Voice: Active

a) Flowers were grown all around their house by the wealthy owners.
b) The tower is being built by the mason.
c) The enemy has been defeated by our army.
d) Let the command be given.
e) Let it be sat down.
f) The firewood is being cut by the woodcutters.
g) The work can be done by Sam.
h) A bicycle had to be borrowed from a cottage by them.
i) My pocket has been picked by someone.
j) The sweet box was opened by whom?
k) Some red flowers were bought by me.

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