Active Passive Voice Exercise – 3

Active and Passive Voice Exercises with answers.

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Active Passive Voice Exercise

Rewrite the given sentences from Active voice to Passive voice.

1. Bicycles must not be left in the hall by people.
2. My shoes were cleaned, and my suit was brushed by somebody.
3. This room is used on special occasions by us.
4. An enormous hole in the steel door was cut by the burglars.
5. The paintings will be exhibited till the end of the month by the organizers.
6. Nothing can be done unless more information is given to us by someone.
7. The church bells were rung as a flood warning by them.
8. All the shop windows were broken in the recent riots by the mob.
9. More money on food is being spent now than ten years ago by people.
10. The old theatre is being pulled down by them.

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