Active Passive Voice Exercise – 2

Active and Passive Voice Exercises with answers.

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Active Passive Voice Exercise

Rewrite the given sentences from active voice to passive voice.

a) The zebra was attacked by the lion.
b) Sweets are liked by children.
c) The bell was rung by the peon.
d) Hockey was played by Sam.
e) English is taught to us by Miss Emma.
f) The ball was caught by Jack.
g) The boy was bitten by the dog.
h) A photograph will be taken by Alice.
i) By whom was this poem taught to you?
j) The smuggler was arrested by the police.
k) A kite was being flown by Leo.
l) The deer was shot by the hunter.
m) The cat was chased by the dog.
n) The ball was thrown by Adam.
o) Anna is loved by everyone.
p) This portrait has been drawn by my sister.
q) The wounded woman was being helped by the people.
r) The medicines had been taken by Sam.
s) Extra time is being taken by the player.
t) The fish was eaten by the cat.

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