Active Passive Voice Exercise-7

Active Passive Voice Exercises with answers.

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Passive Voice Exercises

Rewrite the sentences so that the Verbs will be in the Active voice.

1. The entire class read the book.
2. His father praised him.
3. George Stephenson built the first railway.
4. The noise frightened the horse.
5. David did not speak a word.
6. The boy’s work pleased the teacher.
7. His friends took him to the hospital.
8. An earthquake destroyed the town.
9. People lined the road.
10. The people welcomed the President.
11. Kalidas wrote Shakuntalam.
12. The fire damaged the building.
13. His singular appearance struck me.
14. Robots built those cars.
15. Spectators thronged the streets.
16. Everyone will blame us.
17. A car knocked down the child.
18. This did not much surprise Nancy.
19. It will greatly surprise him if they choose him.
20. The wind blew down the trees.
21. The choir sang the song beautifully.
22. The baseball broke the window.

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