Types of sentences worksheet

Unjumble the Words to Make Meaningful Sentences.

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Types of sentences worksheet: Identification of Sentences

This worksheet empowers students to unjumble words and create meaningful sentences, enhancing their command of sentence structures.

Question Type:

Rearrange the jumbled words to form meaningful sentences. Write the type of each sentence (Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory) beside each sentence.

Sample answers for the worksheet:

1. You should finish your homework quickly.
Type: Imperative Sentence

2. Butterflies appeared on the earth, five million years ago.
Type: Declarative (Affirmative) Sentence

3. The sight of a majestic lion was a magnificent.
Type: Declarative Sentence

4. Dinasours had sixty sharp teeth and massive jaws.
Type: Declarative (Affirmative) Sentence

5. The children were excited about the upcoming trip.
Type: Declarative Sentence

6. Is this book yours or mine?
Type: Interrogative Sentence

7. Please keep your voices down.
Type: Imperative Sentence

8. We have been waiting for the long weekend.
Type: Declarative Sentence

9. We should not harm our environment.
Type: Declarative Sentence

10. Please speak quietly in the library, students.
Type: Imperative Sentence

11. Ancient explorers discovered a treasure in the cave.
Type: Declarative Sentence

12. I didn’t finish my homework because I ran out of time.
Type: Negative Sentence

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