Exclamatory Sentences: Word Rearrangement Worksheet

Rearrange the words to form exclamatory sentences.

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Exclamatory Sentences: Word Rearrangement Worksheet

Practice forming exclamatory sentences with this engaging activity, rearranging words to express excitement, surprise, and admiration for a variety of scenarios.

1. What an incredible sunset!
2. What a beautiful bird!
3. What a delicious cake!
4. What a wonderful place!
5. How talented she is!
6. What sad news!
7. What an amazing performance!
8. How hot it was yesterday!
9. How fascinating these facts are!
10. God, save the actor!
11. What a stunning view!
12. How stupid you are!
13. How fantastic the movie was!
14. What a spectacular jump!
15. What a surprise it was!
16. May God bless you!
17. How beautiful the flowers are!
18. What a terrible storm it was!
19. What a great idea that is!
20. How scary it was!

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